Veterinary Assistant

We are looking for an outstanding candidate to join our team of veterinary professionals for the position of Veterinary Technician. Applicants must be individuals with an outgoing, friendly personality and a detail-oriented, hardworking attitude.

The primary job responsibilities for this position include, but not limited to:
1. assisting doctors with patient care,
2. anesthetic monitoring,
3. advanced venipuncture techniques,
4. dental prophylaxis,
5. monitoring and caring for ICU patients,
6. client care and customer service,
7. dispensing medications,
8. taking digital radiographs,
9. performing laboratory diagnostic tests,
10. patient restraint,
11. knowledge of fluid administration,
12. medicating, monitoring and treating patients
13. loading exam rooms
14. performing skin scrapes,
15. expressing anal glands,
16. performing nail trims,
17. preparing animals for surgery,
18. in-house laboratory work,
19. assisting during surgical procedures.

A veterinary assistant is an individual who is employed by an actively-licensed veterinarian to perform acts pertaining to the practice of veterinary medicine, and receives compensation for such acts from the employing veterinarian, but is not a Certified Veterinary Technician or licensed veterinarian.

This position requires good interpersonal skills in relating to co-workers, clinicians, students, staff and clients, and other tasks as assigned by supervisors. This position requires exceptional attention to detail, the ability to multitask with ease, good customer service skills, the ability to maintain a positive demeanor and efficiency under pressure, and the ability to work effectively with minimum supervision.  Candidates should have a good understanding of medical terminology and familiarity with veterinary pharmacology.  Candidates for this position must be able to lift 50 pounds from floor to waist, and stand and/or walk for a 10-hour shift.  Professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail are critical for success in this position and the ideal candidate will have a strong work ethic. 

Pay and benefits are competitive with pay dependent upon experience.  Flexibility with work schedule is a must.

If you are interested, APPLY HERE!